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19, Libra, Magic City
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Cozy and sexy ^^, 12 photos 12 photos
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Important details of Ninilina
Sexual PreferenceStraight
Height>5'7" - 5'9" [170cm - 175cm]
Weight120 - 140 lbs [55 - 60 kg]
LanguagesRussian, English
Magic City
Pubic HairShaved
What makes me horny
First, most important...your voice. Damn, men, this is your main weapon! Sweet whisper and l just..
Second, the clavicles, hands, wrists. Can erase all from memory.. except accidental touches. Sex impossible without passion, connection. Otherwise it's just friction of bodies)
About me
Your risk to fall in love..
What turns me off
Believe me, I adooore black humor, that'‎s all me, but everything has its red lines, thanks)
Breaking personal boundaries, misunderstanding word.. NOOOOO, GOD, NOOOOO. "lt's not difficult for you, do it". Please, respect yourself first so don't say things like that)
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Working hours of Ninilina
Just about..

You see open breasts, but not revealing.

You see eyes, but not 2 of Baikal.

You hear voice, but you don't catch sense of words.

You go to shower with her, but you don't know that not only water was pouring here.

You sleep with her, but you don't cover her with blanket at 5:30.

Do you think this is enough to know and love someone?

Tell me about her favorite chocolate, which she hid in a niche, up to 55kg

Tell me about tiny little things that she wish for
New Year.

Why strangers are sometimes closer than her parents?

Tell me about her childhood friend, not number of followers on Instagram.

Tell me about the first man who broke not only that vase.

Tell me about her insecurity in self-chat with herself.

Tell me why she blushs when you call her beautiful

Tell me about her appearance, and I'll tell you about inside.
No, my friend, maybe you saw her body,
But you haven’t seen her bare until now. 

Ninilina Just about.. image: 1

Just read...

—I don't know what l want.
Well, that's not true. You want what we are all born for.
—Tell me.
You want love in which you will be able to dissolve or burn, you want passion, adventure and a little danger, tension in the air when we are around, my moans and the most horny phrases...

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Ninilina Wish List
My little hobby. Brushes, canvas, Nevskaya watercolor, and I am happy
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Open outfits
Open outfits
New lingerie, lace bra, short skirt...
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l want to discover my body
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The best sign of care
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Comments (1)
Hey, I just clean list of M every time, I don’t take away it on purpose, dont be upset💕
A piece of me

I adore smell of street after rain, hugs and put flowers in my hair as decoration, light music and sun in morning eyes.

l'm into nature, quiet and serene places, wine, drawing on method "thoughts

on canvas", talking in kitchen at 4 am and self-development. I am delighted

strong, free and thoughtful people, and who aspire to be the same. It's not

easy, but the hardest work is working on yourself. If you have no one on this

cold evening, or just need cozy company, just come to me for tea and maybe

something hotter... Person needs person.


Я без ума от запаха улицы после дождя, объятий и полевых цветов в моих волосах, лёгкой музыки и солнца в утренние сонные глаза.

Я люблю природу, тихие и безмятежные места, вино, рисование по методу "мысли на холст", разговоры на кухне до 4 утра и самопознание. Меня восхищают сильные, свободные и рассудительные люди, и те кто стремится стать такими же. Это нелегко, но самая сложная работа — это работа над собой. Если у тебя нескем провести этот вечер, или нужна уютная компания, просто приходи ко мне на чай..и может на что нибудь горячее...Человеку нужен человек.

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Ninilina A piece of me image: 2Ninilina A piece of me image: 3

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>Me and You

Ninilina >Me and You image: 1Ninilina >Me and You image: 2Ninilina >Me and You image: 3